Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars for PC – Free Download

Hero-Sky-for-pcHero Sky is a mobile game with simple gameplay and dynamic well varied in which there is a good combination of real-time strategy and management Simulator military base.

The player will control a divine entities camp to train warriors who will face the forces of Hades, and improve structures that collect and store resources, in addition to fortify walls and defense towers.

With a systematic series like Clash of Clans, the game is enhanced by a differentiated mechanics headlined by gods in various mythologies, which will be part of Defense and attack forces as heroes with special powers.

Hero Sky has the interface completely translated into Portuguese, starting with an extremely clear and didactic interactive tutorial that explains every detail of its commands and its dynamics.

The game is coordinated by practical and intuitive touch across the screen, while an efficient approach and departure control zoom allows you to view all details of your panoramas and its excellent animations.

With a variety of sound effects and exciting music, the game requires a high graphic processing of devices which may cause inconveniences freezes during their matches.

Featuring a single-player campaign with progressively more challenging stages and Awards rewarding, Hero Sky offers online fights to sack the territory from other players and participate in online tournaments.

Despite having a broken system well balanced multiplayer, the game also requires constant internet device connection to load data from the server and update the player’s performance.

With hundreds of missions, daily challenges and achievements, the game still offers countless heroes to unlock and different dynamics for I evolved them and equip them with powerful weapons and shields.

Free Download: Hero Sky – Epic Guild Wars for PC

Kiwi Wonderland for PC – Free Download

Kiwi Wonderland PC is an endless running with limited controls and practical, fun and dynamic several novelties to unlock and enhance.

The player will coordinate the Kiwi trips during your dreams, and must use the impulses of a Jet to avoid obstacles and dangerous animals, while fulfills different missions that increase the level of the protagonist and release new skills.

In many panoramas as well illustrated and with different lighting effects, their matches presents models high quality graphics, funny sound effects and a soundtrack well excited.

Although Kiwi Wonderland does not support for the Portuguese, its interface is quite objective practice, displaying information on the didactics and brief commands and some mechanical powers so that the player quickly learn its dynamics.

In addition, as achievements and new levels are reached the game will unlock new scenarios, visuals for the character and booster, helping to make your gaming experience more varied and thought-provoking.

Kiwi Wonderland has broken with generous awards in credits and increasingly challenging dynamic, offering even more difficult missions gradually and a series of new costumes for purchase and special skills to improve.

With a lively record of systematic points, the arcade allows you to publish scores on Facebook, and can still be linked to a Game Center account, allowing you to participate in the ranking of overall score and challenge contacts.

Free Download: Kiwi Wonderland for PC

Gold Miner Classical 2015 for PC – Free Download

Gold Miner Classical 2015 is an arcade game for PC that combines action and reasoning in a thought-provoking mechanics, but with some limitations in its gameplay.

In charge of a miner using a contraption that “fishing” treasures shooting a hook underground, the game has limited departures for periods of time and with increasing wealth goals.

However, despite Gold Miner Classical 2015 owning a fun dynamic and progressively more challenging, the arcade copies the look and the systematic of a famous series of games of the same name.

In a very minimalist interface and objectively, the game does not support the Portuguese and even displays instructions on its controls. However, the player quickly becomes familiar with its intuitive mechanics and their limited commands.

Gold Miner Classical 2015 is packed for cool tunes and simple sound effects, while different panoramas and animations make your gaming experience exciting. However, a series of invasive advertisements and disadvantages appears at the end of its phases.

With a systematic characteristic, the game unfortunately repeats all his sequence of stages when it is restarted. However, you can enhance your gameplay improving marksmanship and buying all updates in your store, accessible in the interval between their matches.

Download Gold Miner Classical 2015 for PC

Chain of Darkness for PC – Free Download

Are more than 100 types of monsters, all willing to rip a little bit yours. To help you in this adventure, you can evoke Warriors of the deep, willing to help humanity in Exchange for his redemption. Form powerful group and face the dangers of Chain of Darkness.

The first thing that calls attention to the game is that, despite his being a card game, the fight animations are all in 3D. The action is intense on mobile screen, with all manner of monsters appearing on screen and you can use spells or evoke the warriors to attack. When you visit the dungeons, the player may face a lot of work that will give Giants demons.

Chain of Darkness For PC Features:

Chain of Darkness features an electrifying soundtrack, with good orchestrations, that Captivate and put the player even more inside the action of the game. But the immersion doesn’t make you lose focus of what’s around, that thanks to the short matches.

Like all cardgame game, one of the highlights are the arts of gin rummy. Chain of Darkness quirk in your visual, but don’t expect anything cute. As the theme of the game is bleak, all cards follow the theme.

Chain of Darkness requires connection, but it comes with all the content ready for play, avoiding the player encounter with loading screens. With simple gameplay and lots of action, this may come as a surprise to anyone who thinks cardgame this genre of game is “Scooter”.

Download Chain of Darkness for PC

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage for PC – Free Download

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage is an arcade game that requires good reflexes from the player to advance by paths full of obstacles and increasingly challenging.

Starring robots and giant creatures climbing skyscrapers, the game also features a system of credits and points to be collected through touch, causing floors are destroyed by death.

Offering support for the Portuguese, Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage displays a small interactive tutorial where their matches are initiated, leaving the player quickly accustomed to your commands.

Combining colored scenarios with 3D graphics models cute pixelated, the game also offers different configurations of music, colors and style to each character chosen, leaving his more varied and fun gameplay.

Super Monster Mayhem: Rampage offers an exciting gaming experience with a progressive increase of its difficulty level, presenting obstacles faster and enemies with gradually more powerful shots.

Structured for an exciting dynamic records, the arcade has twelve different characters to buy, plus allow publish scores on Twitter and still link to a Game Center account.

How to Play Super Monster Mayhem on PC Click Here

Real Steel Champions for PC – Free Download

Scenarios and models of good quality three-dimensional graphics, Real Steel Champions is a fighting game for PC that gives the franchise inspired by the universe of the film “giants of steel”, offering a series of innovations in the management of fighting robots.

Despite being structured by great animations and have battles with simple gameplay and extremely practical, the game has limitations that make your little mechanical, repetitive and slightly fluid failure.

Showing different types of tournaments and challenges, the player can customize the style of your combat fighter, achieving several different achievements and face powerful bosses of the movie.

Without support for the Portuguese, Real Steel Champions brings an interactive tutorial very didactic guided by the film’s protagonist, Charlie, and a mysterious character.

The player will learn details about the commands and the mechanics of the game gradually, while all the news in the administration of the robot and in styles of matches are methodically presented.

Offering a lively game experience and progressively more challenging, his fights are packed with exciting music, different sound effects and brief talk about punching narrator and encouraging shouts of the crowd.

Real Steel Champions bonifica victories and special moves with reasonable amounts of credits, allowing the player to buy different kinds of torsos, heads and members for their robots, as well as paintings, updates, or shock.

However, even with freedom of management, the game can introduce flaws in customization of special moves and fighting styles. The mechanics of their matches also does not present large variations, except for the gradual increase of force and protections of opponents.

That dynamic is still hampered by a systematic life inconvenient to start the matches, it takes 15 minutes for a unit be recharged. Despite this, the game can be linked to a Facebook account to track the performance of your contacts and send and receive refills of life.

Free Download: Real Steel Champions on PC